NKAAY Science and Technology Development Co. ltd.

By managing its knowledge and experience since 1994 in automotive electronic industry and conducting of international business activities since 1997, Nkaay was able to turn to account the opportunities which called in to being in a short period and has accomplished the right of hearing in automotive electronic market. Previously Nkaay achieved important corporations with the Chinese companies, then established the Hong Kong company Nkaay (HK) Co.,Ltd. as its brand name Nkaay in a short period.

As keeping up to current events in the automotive electronic industry and technology, Nkaay could determine and form a correct estimate of the products which were in a great need of that market. Nkaay has developed and still been developing lots of vehicle repairing and auto service products which achieving Nkaay a deal of success. With its labouring in research and development, Nkaay carries on its right of hearing in market.